Vaše zdravlje magazine gives way to an online health portal

After the summer issue of Vaše zdravlje magazine, we will be saying goodbye to the printed edition to make way for the challenges of digital media. Our friendship will continue on the internet via the Vaše zdravlje online portal, which will become your online guide to a healthy lifestyle

The Vaše zdravlje magazine enjoyed 21 years of continued development, resulting in a total of 113 publications. The entire time, our readers followed us faithfully and gratefully, which additionally inspired us to offer as much current health information in each issue to help them in their daily lives.
We were accompanied by more than 600 authors, who selflessly shared their knowledge and discoveries in an attempt to offer readers information to help them stay healthy and fight disease. 
We also enjoyed support from numerous advertisers, who continued choosing Vaše zdravlje magazine issue after issue as a platform upon which to present their products, thus expressing their trust in the quality of the content we offered. 
We would like to offer our sincere thanks to all of you – our readers, authors, and advertisers – for working with us all these years to create Vaše zdravlje magazine and give it added value. 
We're sure you will also be satisfied with the content we will continue to share with you on the Your Health online portal. The online edition offers a wealth of evidence-based information from various fields of the biomedical sciences, which can be searched easily and quickly. You can choose from among eight main thematic categories, each of which is accompanied by sub-categories; each selected article offers you the ability to find more information about the selected topic via related articles. For those who love to browse, it will also feature a database with digitised versions of all our print issues. 
The health portal's content is also tied to Zdravlje Plus pharmacies, who offer their users benefits such as pharmaceutical services, monthly discounts, loyalty card points, and many others via the Zdravlje Plus - Together for Health loyalty programme.
Our story will continue with the same enthusiasm at the Vaše zdravlje online portal and Facebook page so we can remain your reliable guide to a healthy lifestyle – now in an online edition.
Vaše zdravlje Team