Vaše zdravlje pharmacies were founded in 1997, starting with only two pharmacies in Istria. Today, Vaše zdravlje pharmacies have developed into a modern pharmacy chain comprised of 33 pharmacies across the country. Offering the highest quality of products and services, we are continuously adapting to the clients' needs, following national and global standards in pharmacy. Our mission is to maintain high-quality standards in providing pharmacy services while operating in a professional environment. 

The values of the organisation are: responsibility, ethics, excellence, competency development, respect, open communication and teamwork. 

Vaše zdravlje pharmacies  provide distribution of prescription and non-prescription medicines, CHIF-approved aids, and magistral and officinal formulae, through a quality system that puts customers at the centre of all business activities.


The Directorate

The director organises and manages business activities, represents pharmacies, and is responsible for the lawful and professional work of pharmacies. In addition to the Directorate, the other bodies of the healthcare facility include the Governing Council, Professional Council, College of Experts, Ethics Committee, Committee for Medicinal Products, and Committee for Quality Control.

Vesna Kljenak MPharm Director
Achieved Master Pharmacy degree at Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, University of Zagreb. Based on her extensive experience, as a pharmacist and pharmacy manager in community pharmacy setting, she was appointed as Executive Director of Vaše zdravlje pharmacy chain, founded by Oktal Pharma. She is strategic leader of pharmacy operations and business development, based on new marketing tools and innovative public health activities in integrated pharmacy care.
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