Twenty years of Vaše zdravlje magazine

To mark 20 years of the uninterrupted publishing of Vaše zdravlje magazine and 15 years since the launch of the Vaše zdravlje portal, we have decided to offer our faithful readership a fresh visual identity and a different categorisation of the content of our printed magazine, and soon of our online edition as well. We will continue to fulfil our mission to offer the public information the medical community stands behind

Vaše zdravlje – a guide to a healthier life is a magazine intended to popularise medicine and self-treatment. It has been available free of charge for two decades in pharmacies, private doctors' offices, and other health institutions throughout Croatia.
When we set out on this demanding publishing project twenty years ago, our goal was to educate readers who wanted to learn more about maintaining their health and recognising and treating illness. The first issue was published in May of 1998. The idea for a free health magazine distributed through pharmacies arose from Oktal Pharma's main business – the wholesale of drugs and other medical products to pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, and other health institutions. In an attempt to stay in line with modern international digital business trends, and in the desire to find more readers who want to learn more about how to improve their health and quality of life, we launched the website 15 years ago.
It goes without saying that none of this would have been possible without the support of numerous doctors and other professionals who selflessly share their knowledge and experience, as well as of our sponsors, who have recognised the quality of the magazine in which they advertise their products.
We also must not forget about our faithful readers, who keep us motivated to stay our course. Their interest, thanks, numerous letters of support, and good advice have certainly played a huge role, and will surely continue to do so.
Every new issue and every satisfied reader have become the driving force that has resulted in

  • more than 2,000 published articles,
  • 110 issues, and
  • cooperation with more than 650 authors from various branches of the health sciences.
Trends change, but health care remains, as does our intent to help you understand it. The new visual identity of our print and digital publishing is nothing more than a new look for our same mission – to offer health information the medical community stands behind.
Vaše zdravlje – a guide to a healthier life / ISSN 1332-232X