Aware of the need of pharmacies to form affiliations and strengthen their market position, Oktal Pharma launched the Zdravlje Plus programme in 2014.

The principal mission and vision of the programme is to provide marketing and logistical support to participating pharmacies.

The aim of the Zdravlje Plus programme is to improve the business activities of participating pharmacies by respecting pharmacy values and meeting the demands of day-to-day operations. The know-how of participating pharmacies is the bedrock on which the continuous development of the Zdravlje Plus programme is based.

Four key models form the basis of the programme:



Through the Zdravlje Plus programme, Oktal Pharma provides its partners with various marketing tools for sales promotion.
Zdravlje Plus Leaflet
Every month patients can find new promotional leaflet offering great products and fantastic discounts in Zdravlje Plus pharmacies. More than 350,000 leaflets are distributed every year and more than 400 products are discounted annually. 
Zdravlje Plus Category Management
The use of this marketing tool enables better management of over-the-counter product categories in pharmacies. 


Oktal Pharma regularly organises professional training courses and workshops for its partners within the scope of the Zdravlje Plus programme.

In addition to training in the field of pharmacy, various training courses on business skills that facilitate the everyday work of pharmacists are also held regularly and so far over 1200 pharmacists participated in the trainings.

By providing additional pharmacy services within the programme, pharmacists raise the patients’ awareness of the importance of taking care of one’s own health and responsible self-medication. 

For more information, please contact us at:
t: +385 1 6596 869
e: zdravljeplus@oktal-pharma.hr