A new professional portal for readers who want to improve their health and quality of life

Oktal Pharma has launched the new, modern Vaše zdravlje portal, where you can find a wealth of information about health and advice on how to improve your quality of life. You can also find out how to realise numerous benefits offered to you by the “Zdravlje Plus” loyalty programme at selected pharmacies

Fifteen years ago, Oktal Pharma started the “Vaše zdravlje” portal in the desire to stay up to date with international digital trends and to expand the readership of “Vaše zdravlje” magazine. During the past two decades, the portal has published more than 2,500 scientific articles written in cooperation with more than 650 authors from various branches of the health sciences.

The new “Vaše zdravlje” portal was launched in October. What you will notice compared to the old portal is the modern, clean visual interface with a new categorisation of professional content, including a synergy with “Zdravlje Plus” loyalty programme benefits – online registration for the loyalty programme, a “Zdravlje Plus” pharmacy locator, the option to check your card's points status, and an overview of monthly discounts at selected pharmacies.

The portal also offers a new search engine that works on all devices – desktop computers, mobile devices, or tablets, making all content equally accessible and easy to use.

September of this year also marked twenty years of the uninterrupted publishing of “Vaše zdravlje” magazine, and in honour of this event, the magazine's visual identity has been refreshed and a new content categorisation has been presented. You can find free copies of the magazine in pharmacies, private doctors' offices, and other health institutions throughout Croatia.

Trends change, but health care remains – just like Oktal Pharma's desire to help its readers with expert advice and recommendations from pharmacists. The new visual identity of our print and digital publishing is nothing more than a new look for our same mission – to offer health information the medical community stands behind.

Check out the new “Vaše zdravlje” portal!