Measures in Oktal Pharma for the coronavirus pandemic

In these challenging times, Oktal Pharma, as part of the wholesale and health care system, responsibly understands the gravity of the situation and takes a series of measures to protect its employees, but also is prepared to respond to increased national need for medicines and medical products  

Since the health and well-being of our employees are crucial for the normal functioning of the system, a number of activities have been undertaken, primarily related to the application of hygiene measures in business premises and other actions in accordance with the recommendation from national institutions.
The management of Oktal Pharma has appointed a Crisis Committee to monitor the situation on a daily basis and take appropriate measures and issue instructions.
With the aim of reducing the possibility of spreading the infection, field workers and the office staff are working from home or are reassigned to other jobs, business trips are postponed and only necessary meetings are held.
Oktal Pharma Management thanks all its employees for their engagement, especially the employees in the Transport and Warehouse Departments, who are making extra effort to ensure a timely supply of healthcare institutions with the medicine supplies.