We have been sailing for three decades

The sailing that we started in 1992 is still going on...

Successes come in many forms. One of Oktal Pharma is measured through humanity and satisfied employees, every newly opened job due to business expansion, and, of course, our partners and long-term cooperation that provides us with an immense source of pride and satisfaction. And for that, we would like to thank you all!

The company was founded in 1992, during the time time when Croatia was fighting its biggest and most important battle. We have strengthened, matured, and grown together. Oktal Pharma is no stranger to challenges, and we aim to express our solidarity whenever the opportunity arises because we have learned to appreciate its importance in the most unpredictable times.
We invested significant effort in expanding existing business capacities by building a new facility in our logistics and business center in Zagreb. In order to follow the modern business trends, we constantly strive to develop better digital solutions for business as well as new channels of communication with our partners.
One of the basic premises of Oktal Pharma is sustainable development, therefore we continuously strive for the green standards of modern business. At the same time, we do not forget social responsibility, which we consider our duty, but also a joy because we want to return good to society.
Many partnerships, collaborations, and friendships have been established at Oktal Pharma. As it is a human connection that gives us the wind in our sails, in the following years we continue our journey towards excellence, with the inexhaustible strength, loyalty, and support of our employees and partners. All of that so that we can be and remain - your best choice.
Thank you for...
30 years of cooperation
30 years of support
30 years with us.
For the days we remember, for those who build us...
For the days in which we grow together and the years yet to come. 

Your Oktal Pharma