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Oktal Pharma d.o.o.

Utinjska 40, 10020 Zagreb Croatia
tel.: +385 1 6595 777
fax: +385 1 6595 701

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Oktal pharma d.o.o. pristigle podatke prikupljat će i pohranjivati u bazu kandidata te će ih koristiti isključivo za potrebe mogućeg uključivanja u selekcijski postupak.
Kandidat garantira da su poslani podatci točni i istiniti te je suglasan s njihovim prikupljanjem i obradom u navedene svrhe

Oktal Pharma

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Sopharma is one of the leading pharmaceutical company in Bulgaria, popular with manufacturing of high-quality medicines.

In its striving to be among the most successful firms, Sopharma combines traditions of the Bulgarian pharmaceutical knoweldge with modern business ethic and corporate responsibility to society's needs.

In the spring of 1933, in the suburbs of Sofia, the beginning of Bulgarian pharmaceutical manufacture was initiated with the building of the first manufacturing laboratory for pharmaceuticals.

This was also the beginning of Sopharma - one of the most successful Bulgarian enterprises of all times. Irrespective of the form of property - private cooperative, socialist state-owned, private joint-stock company, for 70 years now Sopharma continues to be an embodiment of the human striving for health and humanity.

This name symbolizes the work of many people who for decades on end, carefully and responsibly, have been creating remedies for the pains of other people. The trust of millions Bulgarians is a priceless reward for their dedicated work.

This explains the fact that today as well Sopharma continues to be one of the largest manufacturers of pharmaceuticals - a warrantor of quality and reliability. Established as a small manufacturing laboratory with the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Cooperative Society in 1942, the company grew into Galenus Factory, the first modern pharmaceutical enterprise on the Balkan Peninsula. After its nationalization in 1953, Galenus Factory was renamed to Chemical-Pharmaceutical Plant. After the successful privatization in September 2000, Sopharma has become a private pharmaceutical company with priorities aimed at the establishment of the world standards for quality and efficiency.

The highly sophisticated process of the creation and manufacture of pharmaceuticals has been licensed in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices. The main production facilities have been modernized and new production departments and plants have been opened. The manufacture of high-quality pharmaceuticals complying with European standards and Bulgarian legal regulations is a priority task in the company policy of Sopharma.

A total of 110 medicines of almost all pharmaceutical groups, build the product portfolio of our Company. Well-known in the country and abroad, the pharmaceuticals with Sopharma's trademark are an approved guarantee of quality and efficiency nowadays.
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