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Intersocks Hurwits

HURWITS Intersocks is a modern and dynamic company, specialized in the manufacturing of outdoor, sport, baby, children's, ladies and men's socks.

The Intersocks Group includes a production facility in Pieve d'Alpago, Belluno - Italy with 7,000 m2 operating surface equipped for every phase of production, and a finishing plant in Kocevje - Slovenia.

Our production consists mostly of cotton and mixed-wool yarns, however for technical articles we also use special functional yarns. 

For the knitting, seaming, washing, boarding, and packaging processes we use the most advanced equipment: 200 circular knitting machines, ranging from 3 to 14 gauge, operate around the clock to maximize efficiency in a continuously improving environment. 

Most of the processes take place in our own facilities so as to ensure quality in every single product, during every stage of production: at Intersocks a sock starts as yarn and becomes a fully finished product, labeled and packed according to customer specifications.
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