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Oktal Pharma d.o.o.

Utinjska 40, 10020 Zagreb Croatia
tel.: +385 1 6595 777
fax: +385 1 6595 701

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Oktal pharma d.o.o. pristigle podatke prikupljat će i pohranjivati u bazu kandidata te će ih koristiti isključivo za potrebe mogućeg uključivanja u selekcijski postupak.
Kandidat garantira da su poslani podatci točni i istiniti te je suglasan s njihovim prikupljanjem i obradom u navedene svrhe

Oktal Pharma

Read more about Sigmapharm Arzneimittel

Sigmapharm Arzneimittel

Sigmapharm was founded in 1950 by Professor Dr Herbert J. Pichler, a practising physician at the Otorhinolaryngological department of the General Hospital in Vienna, and Dr Herbert Punzengruber, a chemist. The 1960s saw the beginnings of astronautics. Prof Dr Pichler, who at the time worked in television in Innsbruck, commentated on the exciting live broadcast of .the first Moon landing, which earned him the nickname “Moonpichler”. Links between astronautics, airspace medicine and space research contributed towards development of numerous projects and new medications, in particular in the field of otorhinolaryngology.

Since its early days, the development of Sigmapharm has been based on vigorous expansion. This has been greatly supported by new, successful products and opening of new markets. Professor Pichler’s unique business talent was later translated into the company business philosophy. Although retired, Professor Pichler is still present in the company as expert consultant, who, together with director Franz Hattinger, helps younger department managers.

In addition to good products, positive personal relations help form the basis for future development inside and outside the company. With its 40 employees, Sigmapharm is a medium-size company that specialises in the production of eye and ear drops. Collaboration with other medium-size companies enables a high level of adjustability to changing demands of the market. New markets and new possibilities were opened not just by selling licenses to international companies, but also by manufacturing products licensed from international companies and concerns (Bene, Desitin, Ferring, and Fisons).

Good relations with physicians facilitate fast and specific problem solving.  The ability to solve problems and a feeling for quality make Sigmapharm products a high-quality answer to patients’ needs. From its early beginnings, the company applied knowledge acquired in aerodynamics and aerospace medicine to create new medications of international recognition. These products form the basis of consumer trust that Sigmapharm has enjoyed for decades. The success was further enhanced by the results of independent research and production in accordance with rules of good manufacturing practice (GMP).

The recent years brought a simpler and more modern design of product packaging. The tested ingredients comply with results of current scientific research. The products cover a wide area: from the well-known eye and ear drops (vasoconstrictors, antibacterial products, products for the regeneration of nasal mucosal lining...) to analgesics, anti-haemorrhoid ointments, products that protect outer ear canal, tablets against vertigo, throat lozenges, artificial saliva, as well as herbal drops and good-quality oils for body care and massage. Ultrastop was developed 30 years ago as a product that prevents fogging of glass surfaces (Ultrastop 15 ml), medical optical instruments, (Ultrastop 25 ml) and endoscopes in surgery (Ultrastop "pro-med" 30 ml – filled under sterile conditions). The 25 and 30 ml equipment is exported to 5 continents and used in hospitals worldwide. It conforms to strict medical requirements.
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