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Oktal Pharma d.o.o.

Utinjska 40, 10020 Zagreb Croatia
tel.: +385 1 6595 777
fax: +385 1 6595 701

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Oktal pharma d.o.o. pristigle podatke prikupljat će i pohranjivati u bazu kandidata te će ih koristiti isključivo za potrebe mogućeg uključivanja u selekcijski postupak.
Kandidat garantira da su poslani podatci točni i istiniti te je suglasan s njihovim prikupljanjem i obradom u navedene svrhe

Oktal Pharma

Read more about Pierre Fabre / A-DERMA

Pierre Fabre / A-DERMA

The active dermatological care

A-DERMA is a product line for care and cleaning of reactive and damaged skin, whose basic active ingredient is the natural oat extract.

The oat is a well known grain which has been used for a long time due to its nutritive features. Oat flour has been used in baths and compresses for relieving itching, irritation and skin dryness. In A-DERMA laboratories Rhealba® oat has been chosen. It is a special type of “white” oat with high concentration of active ingredients.

Bolstered up by their expertise in plant chemistry and particularly their work on Rhealba® oat with the development of several grain extracts with specific activities, Pierre Fabre laboratories have now reached a new stage of innovation with their new Rhealba® oat Plantlets extract. In order to provide an adapted and complete response to atopic patients, a protein-free extract was prepared from a part of the plant not consumed by humans and then patented. The Pierre Fabre laboratories researchers dedicated themselves to the task of characterizing the active fractions of this extract and determining its parmacological activity on the immuno-inflammatory factors involved in atopic dermatitis. Its efficacy,allied with that of Filaxerine® present in the Exomega new generation products of the A-Derma line, was then evaluated in humans. In addition, in order to offer atopic patients a product with optimal safety,the tolerability of the Rhealba® oat Plantlets extract was studied with particular attention, especially with regard to its allergenicity. The Exomega products then underwent a programme of evaluation of the specific tolerability of the products developed for atopic subjects, particularly children, in accordance with the Pierre Fabre laboratories safety charter.

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