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Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetique

Pierre Fabre, a pharmacist from Castres in south-western France, founded Laboratories Pierre Fabre Medicament.

The group Pierre Fabre started off as a national laboratory in France, and later (1970.-1973.) expanded into international markets: Spain, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland.During the 1990s, the company continued to expand by purchasing firms (Physicians Formula in the US, Robapharm in Switzerland) and establishing new subsidiaries (England, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Mexico, etc.).

 Pierre Fabre Group has three main business activities:

  • pharmaceutical production
  • homeopathic-phyto production 
  • dermatological cosmetic production

    In the field of dermatological and cosmetic products, 56.2% of turnover is related to the international markets. The success of Pierre Fabre dermatological cosmetics is a result of merging pharmaceutical knowledge with dermatological research. Pierre Fabre dermatological cosmetic products have become renowned and accepted because of the technological research based on strict pharmaceutical regulations and studies into plant properties, which is the unique feature of this manufacturer.

    Two internationally renowned product groups are:

    • dermatological product group: Avene, A-DERMA, Ducray, Pierre Fabre Dermatologie,
    • dermatological pharmaceutical product group: Klorane, Elancyl.

    The group Pierre Fabre with his pharmaceutical orientation has become a model in the field of dermatological cosmetics, and a reliable partner of pharmacists in world.

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